History and Background of "ONE T"

One T was started for several reasons, including; out of necessity from a recent (2010) lay off due to funding cuts, to continue the work I so enjoy being a part of and have such a passion for, to participate in the possibility of change with individuals, families, communities and systems to make a difference that brings about peace and respect in relationships, to further the understanding for professionals about violence, abuse and trauma, to be an active healing agent, to benefit and be an ally to non-dominant communities and to be a voice for accessibility and relevance, to promote prevention in all its dimensions.

I am sure as you explore this website you will find most of the information you will need to better understand what has brought me to this part of my professional journey. Check out my resume page and when you get a chance review the IPV/DV information I offer as challenging thinking for some and encouraging thoughts for others to consider new perspectives in addressing IPV/DV. With this said, I recognize that much of what I offer here is not necessarily new, it may however provide a new view and way to think about how we do this very difficult work. I am hopeful also that this website is encouraging to your work and that we better understand how we are all a part of a continuum of care for people who experience trauma and violence in their lives. Regardless of what services we provide and whatever spheres of life we are a part of we all have significant potential for bringing about peace and respect in our families and communities.

Thank you for taking the time to look into One T. It is my sincerest hope that as you look through this website you find ways we can partner, collaborate, bring me in to consult, train or assist in developing some project.  I encourage you to feel free to contact me with any questions - or just connect, who knows where this could lead? I look forward to continue to participate as an active agent in being one point on that overall continuum of care for those affected by violence, abuse and trauma.

One More Thing ... Some of of you might be asking ...

My frequent responses:

Sound familiar? Were you thinking about these same questions? Don't worry, I'm not offended (although he might be). I expect these questions most anyplace I go for the first time or from people I first meet. In fact a few years ago a parent who brought her adolescent in for counseling told her daughter that her counselor was going to be Dave Matthews. Imagine the adolescent's disappointment.

Remember though, that's Mathews with "ONE T"

Dave Mathews, PsyD, LICSW

Below are some pages and parts to this web site that are in process. Please visit frequently to stay up to date on the activities and adventures of One T.

Hennepin County DV Fatality Review Team member
Hennepin County Family Violence Coordinating Council Sub-Committee on Children and Adolescence Who Witness member Sheila Wellstone Institute Steering Committee member
National Network to End Interpersonal Violence Across the Lifespan member and Co-Chair of the Practices Action Team
Minnesota Prevention of Sexual Violence Leadership Action Team member
Minnesota Alliance for the Prevention of Teen Dating Violence member 

Possible Projects, Creative Ideas & As-of-yet drawing board concepts
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