CONSULTATION [kon-suhl-tey-shuhn] - noun - a conference between two or more people to consider a particular question; the act of consulting; a conference for the exchange of information and advice
The Goals
Provide a professional perspective in areas of competence, experience and training that assist customers in creating, developing or enhancing services, programs and projects.

Enhance or build services relative to violence, abuse, trauma, multi cultural proficiency, creating programs that are more multi-culturally accessible and relevant, prevention thorugh the facilitation and leadership of processes. 

Consultations are specifically created, strategically customized and carried out to meet your program specific needs. These services include face to face planning, meetings with the customer representative(s) and regularly scheduled phone check-in conversations with Dr. Mathews as well as continued dialog exchanges and supervision of the work being done relative to IPV/DV. Consultation arrangements can be more cost effective as it is spread out over time. Also video conferencing and computer messaging will be made available when possible and requested.

Description of consultation approach
The primary and unique approach of One T consultation services has to do with the collaborative nature of the services that are cutomer, community or agency lead. One T certainly offer thoughts, ideas for techniques, methods and strategies for professionals to enhance, more fully contributing to 

Description of consultation services available
Workplace Violence
Program Development
Health Care 
Clergy and Faith Communities
Expert Witnessing
Multi-Cultural proficiency/ diversity/ working with people who are different than me
Current long term consultations
Intermediate School District 287
United States Probation – Minnesota Office
House of Charity
Lee Carlson Counseling Center
Circle of Parents
Brief description/ list of past consultations
Statements of endorsements
Ways to engage One T for consultation
Overall levels of cost (friend to new contact ranges)
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